Common Questions about Frame Repair in Mount Joy, PA

Common Questions about Frame Repair in Mount Joy, PA

Common Questions about Frame Repair in Mount Joy, PAYour car is full of extremely heavy parts, and your frame bears their weight. If your frame is damaged in an accident, then your vehicle may not be safely operable. Following an accident, it's important to get your frame inspected, even if you don't suspect that it was damaged. At Barton's Body Shop, our local collision center specializes in precision frame repair in the greater Mount Joy, PA area.

How does a damaged frame make driving dangerous?

When the frame is bent or otherwise damaged, there's a greater risk of it snapping, which could cause you to get in a serious wreck. And if you do get in an accident with a damaged frame, then you'll be at higher risk of injury because you won't have as much protection. Also, when driving with a bent frame, the uneven weight distribution can cause the vehicle to handle poorly.

How is frame repair done?

At our local body shop, we use computer-aided equipment that enables us to restore the frame as closely as possible to its factory specifications. Our specialized equipment exerts the extreme force that is required to push and pull the frame back to its original dimensions.

How frequently do accidents cause frame damage?

Some level of frame damage occurs in about half of all car accidents. Even when the wreck doesn't seem to be especially serious, it's still possible that frame damage has occurred.

Where can I find top-quality frame repair in Mount Joy?

At our Mount Joy body shop, our technicians are thoroughly trained on how to use our technologically advanced frame repair equipment. Once we've finished the repairs, you can trust that your frame has been restored to a safe condition.

Collision Repair in Mount Joy, PA

When you need collision repair in Mount Joy and the surrounding area, contact Barton's Body Shop at (717) 366-7670. At our nearby body shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's cosmetic needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: August 2022

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