Expert Collision Repair in Mount Joy, PA

Expert Collision Repair in Mount Joy, PA

Following a collision, it's important to promptly return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, even if it's still running okay. This is because body damage makes the vehicle much more dangerous to drive. If you don't get frame damage properly repaired and then get in another accident, you'll be more susceptible to serious injury. When you need collision repair, make sure you entrust the work to a reputable shop. Here are five services provided by a trusted body shop in Mount Joy, PA.

Frame Repair

In about half of all accidents, some degree of frame damage occurs. By using computerized assistance, the technician will be able to return your frame as closely as possible to its factory measurements. This will help to optimize safety, and keep you protected if you get in another wreck.

Bumper Repair in Mount Joy, PA

Through impact absorption, healthy bumpers help to keep you safe during an accident. But their job often leaves them in rough condition. If your bumper has been damaged, you'll want to make sure it's restored to great shape before you start regularly driving your vehicle again.

Color Matching Technology

Color matching technology makes it easy for the technician to seamlessly paint the damaged area without having to paint the entire vehicle. This allows you to save money on labor and materials, while also getting your vehicle back sooner.

Body Panel Replacement

Sometimes, it makes more financial sense to just go ahead and replace the part instead of paying for the labor costs associated with extensive repairs. This is often the case with damaged doors, bumpers, and hoods.

Paintless Dent Removal in Mount Joy, PA

For fixing small dents, paintless dent repair is a great option. With this repair method, the technician uses custom tools to work out the dent from inside the paneling. Through this technique, painting can be skipped, which saves you time and money.

If you need collision repair, be sure to bring your vehicle to a reputable shop. For collision repair in Mount Joy, Elizabethtown, Manheim, and Lititz, PA contact the experts at Barton's Body Shop at (385) 367-2232. Barton's Body Shop also provides top-quality auto glass repair in Mount Joy, PA. Feel free to give Barton's Body Shop a call today to make an appointment for any of your auto body needs!

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Posted: March 27, 2021

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