Quick Tips for Preventing Car Scratches

Quick Tips for Preventing Car Scratches

Quick Tips for Preventing Car ScratchesTo keep your vehicle's exterior free from scratches, there are some simple measures you can take. But if your car does get scratched, you'll want to get the damage repaired before rust gets the opportunity to take hold. At Barton's Body Shop, we provide expertise with car scratch repair in Mount Joy, PA.

Simple Ways to Prevent Vehicle Scratches

One easy way to prevent car scratches is to always use proper washing materials. If you use any old rag to wash your car, it could be abrasive and cause scratching. Instead, it's best to use microfiber washing mitts, which are designed for just this type of chore and will be gentle on your car's exterior. And before you wax, you'll want to be sure there isn't any debris on the car's surface that could get dragged around and cause scratches. It's also worth being careful about automatic car washes. In some cases, the brushes in automatic car washes don't get thoroughly rinsed off between vehicles, and the debris that sticks to them can scratch the next car that goes through. At most automatic car washes, this won't be a concern, but just to be sure, it's worth checking reviews before going through one.

Another way to avoid car scratches is to skip over parking spots that will leave you tightly sandwiched between other vehicles. When squeezed in, it's more likely that someone will swing open their door directly into the side of your car, causing scratches and/or denting. By parking in the rear of the lot where it's less crowded, your car is less likely to suffer such damage.

Vandalism is another common source of car scratches. When a car gets "keyed", the scratches tend to be particularly long and deep, making the repair process more challenging. You can decrease the odds of your car getting vandalized by parking in a secure garage and/or beneath security cameras. Or, at the very least, underneath a street light.

Car Scratch Repair in Mount Joy, PA

When you need auto body repair in Mount Joy and the surrounding area, contact Barton's Body Shop at (717) 366-7670. At our nearby body shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's cosmetic needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: December 2021

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