A Short Guide to Common Auto Body Repair Vocabulary

A Short Guide to Common Auto Body Repair Vocabulary

A Short Guide to Common Auto Body Repair VocabularyWhen you entrust your vehicle to our local body shop, we make it a priority to ensure that all of your questions about the repair process are thoroughly addressed. And to better understand the auto body repair process, it's helpful to be familiar with some of the industry terminology. Here's a brief overview of some common auto body repair vocabulary terms.


Within the auto body repair field, alignment refers to repairing collision damage to suspension and steering components. At our shop, we use technologically-advanced equipment that enables us to efficiently restore suspension/steering components as closely as possible to their original specifications.


Corrosion occurs when refined metals turn to carbonite, sulfide, hydroxide, or oxide. When it comes to auto body repair, the pertinent kind of corrosion is rust. You'll want to always be proactive about addressing rust so that it doesn't get the chance to become more widespread and more expensive to take care of.


LKQ stands for Like Kind & Quality. LKQ parts have been taken from non-operational vehicles. These parts have been professionally inspected to ensure their compatibility with the vehicle that's being repaired.


During the repair process, masking refers to sections of the car that are not supposed to be painted.

OEM Parts

OEM is short for original equipment manufacturer. As their name suggests, OEM parts are exactly the same as those originally made by the manufacturer, with precisely the same materials and specifications. This makes OEM parts an excellent option when damaged parts need to be replaced.


Putty can be used for fixing minor auto body damage, such as little dents. It's a polyester product that will smooth over the damage. After it is applied, the repair process is completed by priming and painting.

Auto Body Repair in Mount Joy, PA

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Posted: February 2022

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