What are common ways that vehicles get scratched?

What are common ways that vehicles get scratched?

When a vehicle gets scratched up, the cause isn't always clear. But regardless of the source of the scratch, it's important that you promptly get to the shop for repairs. If you delay, rust could get the chance to set in. By getting your scratches repaired by an experienced auto body technician, the damaged area will be restored to a flawless condition. Here are five common sources of car scratches.

Automatic Car Washes

While automatic car washes are convenient, it's best to avoid them if you're worried about your paint getting scratched. The concern is with the brushes, which tend to gather dirt and debris from cars that have previously gone through. Then, as your vehicle is washed, the debris on the brushes could potentially cause scratches.


It is a wildly frustrating feeling to walk out to your vehicle and see that your paneling has been "keyed." Because these scratches are usually deep and long, they can be somewhat more challenging to repair.

Incorrect Washing/Waxing Materials

When gathering materials to wash your car, you'll want to be mindful of the rag you use. If you grab just any old rag, it could actually be abrasive and cause scratching. Rather, you'll want to only use synthetic microfiber towels that are meant for just this type of chore, and will treat the surface gently. Also, before you wax, it's important to check for any debris on the surface that could cause scratching during the waxing process.

Kicked-Up Rocks

When a truck kicks up a rock, it can cause a chipped windshield or scratched paint. While it can be challenging to avoid this hazard, you can reduce the risk of such damage by avoiding driving behind big trucks whenever you safely can.

Accidental Rubbing

If you lean against your vehicle and shift your weight while wearing a studded belt or other sharp-edged clothing, then you could scratch your paint without even realizing it.

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Posted: January 27, 2021

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